→ Adtech Startup
→ Feb 2019 - Jun 2019
→ UX/UI Designer


Frequence creates reporting dashboards for their customers to see how well their ads are doing. These reporting tools contain the same information, but have different UI based on their customer’s needs.


Previous reporting dashboards were designed by product managers with no UI design experience leading to inconsistencies across entire platforms.

As the only UX/UI designer at Frequence, I was challenged with:

  • Ensuring new designs were pixel perfect by creating a design system for reusable components
  • Making sure they included identical info to each other, but they still looked so different that competitors couldn’t tell they were from Frequence
  • Incorporating harmonious color palettes


  1. I began with gathering what info was required for each dashboard, including: types of data points needed, types of creatives used, and company viewing the tool.
  2. I researched inspiration for reporting dashboards to see how other designers were approaching this similar task. Dribbble and Behance were my besties!

  3. I designed different reporting dashboards simultaneously, as different product teams were responsible for each one. Using the research and required data, I created lofi wireframes then moved to hifi mockups.
  4. I constantly gathered feedback from C-level executives and business partners. Once they were approved, I handed them off to developers through Zeplin and JIRA, and had weekly nightly calls with product to ensure they were being built correctly.

Lofi Wireframes

Hifi Mockups


During my time at Frequence, I created 7 different reporting dashboards -- most notably for NBC and COX, and the team and clients were impressed with my UI skills and my quick turnaround time.

Here are a few other reporting dashboards that I created during my time at Frequence: